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Job placement assistance is available at no charge for all students who are awarded the Certificate of Completion in the Entry-Level Driver Training. Pennies Trucking Academy invites area employers to participate in a campus job fair at the end of each 5 weeks term. Students also meet potential employers during the Employment Skills. Job notices from businesses seeking qualified Entry-Level Driver Training job applicants are posted on the bulletin board in the student break room and updated at least weekly.
With a dedicated and resilient placement team, Pennies trucking academy goes an extra mile to ensure our graduates obtain employment.

The primary goal of the Graduate Placement Service is to strive to place graduates in entry level truck driver jobs. Pennies Trucking Academy gives you the freedom to choose your future employer based on the employer's hiring requirements.  The graduate should remember the final decision as to who will be hired rests entirely with the employer.

Employers are influenced by such factors as technical skills displayed, class attendance, character, personality traits, a favorable appearance, driving record, previous work history, and the basic desire to work .  Job Placement is neither a guarantee nor an offer of employment by Pennies Trucking Academy .

Our placement staff stands ready to assist students and graduates in obtaining a career as a CDL truck driver.